Welcome to Dogbear's!

A passion for baked goods, nostalgic fun, and mixing things we simply think go together, that's Dogbear.

Dogbear Pretzel Co. Swag?

Check out our designs with more to come as we expand

Our famous pretzels

Behind the scenes

The Noods you are looking for

Every one of our Dogbear Pretzel Co. pretzels is hand kneaded, hand rolled, and twisted. That extra love means quality and that every pretzel is unique.

We ain't lyin'

Many industrially made pretzels use lye in their production to give pretzels that known brown shine. Dogbear doesn't like chemicals, so we use an egg wash, which also helps the toppings stick!

Tying the Knot


The Test Kitchen

While the pretzels are the backbone, we are working on expanding our core offerings for the eventual brick and mortar store.


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